Cisco teaches Max how to cart!

Enough of this puppiness. Max is now 15 months old, time to learn some serious working skills. Cisco is ready to show the kid the ropes. Here we go...
Ok, here's what we do - PAY ATTENTION to the two-legged guy, he's going to ask you to do some weird stuff.

A couple false starts (pictures omitted), and...
We are carting! wooo hooo! In under 30 minutes, it is all starting to click!

It's not all about forward motion - down and under control!

A nice standing pose for the camera.

Very focused - turning right - even the turns are going great (45 minutes in). Right turns perfect (Cisco is in control), left turns pretty good for a first timer...
Forward motion is the best, we are huskies after all!

Into the garage we go. Notice how we parked the cart perfectly parallel - that's precision and control!