Here are Max's puppy pictures when he was only 2 months old - before we knew he would be coming to live with us. Now you see how we fell for him! It was a slow 2 months until we found out we got to bring Max home with us in mid-June (he is 4 months old in the first set of photos below). Oh, and here are Max's parents - at the bottom of the page, see Max as Dark Red Male. Adorable, huh.

Day one - Max meets Brad

Saying bye to Adele - I'll miss her...

On the road from Yakima to Boulder

1) Discovered sprinklers at uncle Chris' house

2) Discovered things moving in tall grass

3) Discovered windows at the Days Inn Hotel

4) Experienced lunch at a highway rest area

5) Realized Wyoming is hot, shade is good

6) Discovered RODENTS scurry under big rocks

Day 3 - First morning in Boulder

Taking a break in the shade

Something really interesting off to my left - my big bros told me not to tell what it is

Whoever called Paco & Cisco "old guys" is crazy - they wore my butt out!

Day 4 - In the house

I am hanging out with the big boys - outside my pen!

Week 2 - on the trail

Notice Cisco on the left, Paco in the middle and me on the right. Don't I look like a big boy? Also notice that Cisco and I know our place - behind the alpha Paco. We stay "one head back" of our gentle leader. I love my big brothers.

Max at 5 months old

Look how smart and obedient I am - my dad said "come" and even if he is out of my sight (around the corner) I come running!

My mom and dad say I never sit still... I guess that's true. Even when hanging with my big brother Cisco, I cannot sit completely still for the camera.

Here I am relaxing with a nice stick.

Max at 6 months old

Hanging with Cisco... I never sit still, still!

Finally! We got Max to look at the camera long enough for us to snap the shot!

Max giving big brother Paco kisses. He loooooves Paco and wants to grow up to be just like him

Max at 7 months old

I am the lead dog! My dad tells me it is because the other boys don't want to be near the annoying puppy, and if we are in any other configuration, we get our leashes all messed up because I can't keep my nose out of their business.

Look at me laying on big brother Cisco's legs. He pretends to be a big old grump but he is really a sweetie.

Here is a webcam shot of me woo'ing with my brothers. Cisco always starts it, but Paco and I just can't help but join in after a while. I am on the burgundy bed; see Cisco is standing up - he just woke Paco and I up from our naps and started bugging us. (see? I am not the only pest around here!!)

Max at 8 months old

Ok it's two days before Max is 8 months old - but I had to show his first snow! We moved into our Breckenridge house this weekend and were treated to 5 inches of snow! Yes he loved it...

Here are Max and Cisco on a hike a week later.

And a day later... Max, Cisco and Paco at another spot at Sawmill Reservoir in Breck. Notice Paco is about to break and make a run for it, while Max finally sits still! Maybe by the time he is 2 we can get him to actually look at the camera.

Next... Cisco teaches me how to dig for rodents in the snow! (my head is on the right... buried in the snow). What a great life this is learning from my big brothers!

Now a threesome digging in the snow for rodents! Cisco takes the lead on this one.

Look! We got Max to sit still *and* look at the camera!

Here is max sitting with our new "welcome moose" for the Breckenridge house. They are the same size... heh.

Ok here is another fine three-way woo from our webcam. Mom spies on us when she is at work and always catches us in action. Note: Cisco started this woo again, not me. You know what it is... he wants to steal my bed - 2 minutes later he riled me up and got me off the bed and -- and he took it! Smart old guy, that Cisco.

Max at 9 months old

We hooked Max up to the sled for the first time - had a feeling he was going to "get it" and boy did he get it!! I think he's going to be one of those vocal "let's get going" sleddogs... he was hooting and hollering today at his first hookup. Look at him on the left, pulling ahead of Cisco!

Max at 10 months old

Can you believe he is 10 months old already? See him enjoying the snow in Breckenridge.

This is the cutest picture of our 3 boys seatbelted in the back of the jeep. Max's tail is over Paco's nose and resting against Cisco's back leg. What sweet brothers!

Max at 11 months old

Our baby is 11 months old - what a big boy! This month he has outgrown his puppy collar and puppy harness and now has new full-grown-boy duds!

That doesn't mean he doesn't still have his silly moments like playing with his favorite toy, "Dr Destructo" - he got this toy for graduating obedience class and he just loves to take it out the dog door and toss it around in the snow outside. It is a riot!

Max at 1 year old - wow time flies!

Little Max is now 1 year old - what a big, mature boy he's become.
Here we go, sledding with Cisco - 2 mature sleddogs!

Getting into high gear - Max has become a "sledding machine", Cisco can barely keep up... (and mom was lucky not to wipe out trying to take this picture while driving the sled).

What a nice focus, talk about paying attention!

Oops, puppy moment... So much for the "grown up and mature" talk ;-)